Occasionally the GTAV receives enquiries regarding the cancellation of registrations prior to or just after an event.

A refund may apply, however this will depend on when the notice of cancellation is provided.

An emailed request for any cancellation refund is required including reason for cancellation.

If cancellation within 7 days of the event is due to unavoidable circumstances such as ill health/Covid, refunds may be considered at GTAV’s discretion. Evidence must be supplied in the form of a doctor’s certificate or proof of positive Covid test result.  

GTAV’s Refund Guidelines for the Annual Conference 2022 are outlined below.

These Refund Guidelines refer to the period of time the notice of cancellation is received prior to the event start date:

  • Fewer than 7 days warning of cancellation: No refund
  • 8 - 14 days warning of cancellation: 50% refund
  • More than 15 days warning of cancellation: Full refund